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Rise Up, Shepherd!

This Advent, we encourage you to take part in a self-study featuring Luke Powery’s book, Rise Up, Shepherd! Advent Reflections on the Spirituals. In anticipation of Christ’s birth, we will feature a number of these spirituals in worship.Published in 2017 by Westminster John Knox Press, the book is available for $10.40 at the PC(USA) store at We will also have a very limited number of copies available for those who have difficulty placing online orders.

In life and in faith, how often do we want things to return to the way they once were, even if that earlier time was not as rosy as we would like to remember? Or, to put it more bluntly, when has our foresight and vision failed us? Friends, how might our life in community improve if we learned to trust in the process, understanding that a challenging adjustment period is necessary in order for us to come out stronger on the other side? This stewardship season, I encourage you to keep your eyes fixed on the long-term goals of serving Jesus. Be patient in the midst of inevitable transitions, and know that God will provide for you and for our congregation.



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