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Lenten Journey: “Art in the Parables”

Continuing its popular tradition of annually hosting a Lenten Discussion Series, Skidaway Community Church members invite Island friends, neighbors, and guests to join them at the 2024 programs, “Art of the Parables.” 

On four Wednesday evenings from February 28 – March 20, SCC Pastor Jon Hauerwas will lead discussions based on familiar and often cited biblical parables:  The Sower, The Good Samaritan, The Prodigal Son/Brother, and The Rich Fool. 

In explaining the theme for this year’s Series, SCC member and program organizer Karen Evans referenced Jesus as the greatest teacher the world has ever known.  “He skillfully used parables to demonstrate God-directed life lessons to those around Him. Throughout the ages, artists interpreted those verbal stories through visual media.  By studying both Jesus’s words and the visual representations they inspired together, we can develop a deeper understanding of what it means to follow Him,” she explained. 

Further elaborating on the purpose of the Lenten Series, Pastor Hauerwas referred to Lent as an especially important period in the Christian calendar. “Traditionally Lent is recognized as a fertile time to pause, examine, and reflect on Jesus’s life and death. Equally, it presents opportunities to consider how the 40 days can be used to strengthen relationships with our Heavenly Father. We’ll explore these themes and more throughout the 4 Wednesday evenings we share together discussing this Lenten Journey,” he concluded. 

Prior to each Wednesday’s lesson, participants will enjoy soup suppers catered by The Olive Garden.  Including beverages, bread and dessert, a donation of $10/person is requested to defray food costs.  The Lenten Series will start at 5:45p.m. and conclude by 8:00p.m. each week. 

Those interested in attending the Series are asked to register at no later than the Monday preceding each Wednesday date.  More information is available by calling the church office, 912-598-0151. Skidaway Community Church is located at 50 Diamond Causeway.  Convenient parking is adjacent to Liston Hall. 


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