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eVotional – SEP 7 2022

Dear Friends,

This morning, Karen Evans and I were in the preschool wing to lead lessons entitled “What Is the Bible?” for three different ages (2’s, 3’s, and 4’s). I began by giving high fives to willing children in each class. Most obliged. Many were enthusiastic fivers. A few gave me the stink eye. That’s okay too. We ministers are accustomed to those who view us with suspicion. I appreciate the honesty and room for growth and will just keep trying.

We explained that the Bible is a book of stories. Actually, it’s a collection of 66 books written by many different people! The children took turns lifting the heaviest Bible I could find and tried to guess what a minister/pastor might be. Two of the three-year old’s said that a minister is a police officer. One guessed that I am probably a doctor. 

We told the children that the church is excited to have the preschool in our building because we think that children are very special, and we want to see children learn, grow, and succeed. The children sang “Jesus Loves Me, This I Know,” which they had already learned from Rev. Ayers. The 2-year old’s danced and the little girl with whom I had a tea party during the open house blew me kisses. My heart melted.

Karen and her husband, John, made some beautiful (and delicious!) fig newton Bibles complete with a frosting cross, embellishments, and a Fruit Roll Up book mark. The children loved it! Karen also brought dried figs for the children to see, touch, and smell, as well as crafts to color featuring hearts and figs.

In the weeks ahead, volunteers from the church will be taking turns reading stories to the children and, with the help of the teachers, engaging them with crafts. If you have a love of children and a gift for teaching, we would love to hear from you. It is exciting to know that our connections with the SCC preschool are strengthening. Our reach is growing. And God is making way for a new chapter. 

Peace and best wishes,

Pastor Jon


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