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eVotional – SEP 21 2022

Dear Friends,

This week, SCC’s Preschool Director, Amie Nixon, was engaged in conversation with one of the preschool teachers in the main lobby.

Teacher: You’re doing such a great job.
Amie: Thank you. So are you. The children and their parents really love you!

We all know how important words of encouragement are – between friends, family, worshipers, and colleagues. Encouragement reminds us that others see and value our contributions, and that we are on the right track with our efforts. Encouragement celebrates our best, while strengthening our resolve for those times when we are feeling tired, frustrated, or pessimistic.

Today, I wish to thank our church staff for their many contributions to our shared ministry. In partnership with the Communications Committee, Jim Brown has done a fantastic job on the new church website. I invite you to check it out at and tell Jim how great it looks! Jim has also been hard at work on the new screens in the sanctuary, while regularly attending to the details of our slideshow, livestream, and facility management.

When not leading the preschool children in song, Rev. Ed Ayers has been instrumental in resurrecting our church choir… I mean, singing group. His efforts are a visible and audible reminder of the joy with which we approach God in worship, and reflect God’s Spirit in each moment of our lives. It’s an added bonus that I can now turn to Ed for pulpit supply whenever the need arises. What a gift!

Betty Gorman is doing a wonderful job managing information regarding our members, visitors, and friends, preparing membership packets, and engaging with folks through in-person, phone, and email communications. She is a friendly, loving presence for all who interact with our community.

James Eleczko is devoted to ensuring that all things financial are addressed swiftly and accurately. I am grateful for his commitment and know that I can always count on him to get the job done well.

Kasha Speas is hard at work behind the scenes, updating our electronic sign, social media accounts, and She regularly provides the Communications Committee with data-driven summaries aimed at improving the effectiveness of our efforts.

Amie Nixon, SCC’s Preschool Director, is eager to partner with our congregation to strengthen the bonds between us. Her dynamic, outgoing personality, professionalism, and good humor have won the hearts of the staff, children, and parents in the education wing.

My charge for you today is to encourage others. I invite you to make it personal, be specific, and exude sincerity. Our words matter. Let’s use them wisely to build one another up.

Peace and best wishes,

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