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eVotional – SEP 14 2023

Dear Friends,

When I am lamenting a rainstorm that has upended outdoor activities and plans, I try to consider the alternative. Without the rain, trees wither, flowers fade, grass browns and turns to dust, animals flee. When groundwater is depleted, areas become less habitable for humans. Yes. Rain creates a momentary inconvenience, but it is a vital blessing for sustaining life on earth. 

Today, I give thanks for the gift of rain and for the many other daily inconveniences that lead to the flourishing of community. Our communities are better off with garbage trucks, road work crews, school buses, and ambulances. May we learn to be more patient and to embrace these inconveniences as a sign of human flourishing.

Let us pray:

Dear God, we thank you for the flourishing of community throughout the ages. Help us to love our neighbors as ourselves, especially when we feel frustrated or inconvenienced by either natural or human events. Help us to appreciate all systems that nurture life. Amen.

Peace and best wishes,



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    Sue Jones says:

    We are very thankful for rain. Without it some of us would have little work to keep us busy.

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