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eVotional – OCT 11 2022

Dear Friends,

When we consider the cost of child-rearing, in terms of our time, financial resources, and emotional energy, the decision to expand our family seems wildly irrational. This morning, for example, as our family was preparing to leave home for school and work, our oldest son explained to Kara that he had a very sore throat. Taking our child’s needs seriously, we decided to keep him home from school.

I called the pediatrician’s office as soon as they opened and was grateful that a doctor was able to see him. When we arrived for the appointment, I explained that I was most concerned about strep throat given the presenting symptoms and the history my children have had with the infection. A nurse practitioner soon administered the all-in-one test to check for COVID-19, influenza, and strep. We answered some questions and waited until the positive strep diagnosis was confirmed.

Next, I was off to Hesse school to pull our youngest son from class and have him examined. It turns out that his throat was bright red also, and while his strep test was negative, he exhibited other symptoms of the illness, as well. It was suggested that his progression may simply be one day behind his brother’s. Therefore, the same treatment was warranted.

By the end of the day, we were loaded up with medication, had missed school and work, and had accomplished almost nothing to speak of, other than caring for our children’s physical needs. I was assured that twenty four hours following the start of their antibiotic treatment, they would be able to return to school or other public places without putting the health of others at risk.

Child-rearing, as I mentioned, is a seemingly irrational endeavor. And yet, it reminds us that just as we have received, so too, we give. We do not love only when it is convenient for us to do so, or only if we will clearly benefit from our deeds in some way. No. We love because it is the reason for our being. Love is, in essence, what we have been created to do and to share. And we know how to love properly because God first loved us.

Peace and best wishes,


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