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eVotional – NOV 3 2023

Dear Friends,

A prayer for autumn of 2023. Dear God, November has come, bringing with it an infusion of colder temperatures that have settled upon Savannah. We recognize that everyone’s concept of “colder” is relative. Many in the north are already experiencing snow and, in many nations, the threat of snow is ever-present. We are fortunate that, even on our coldest days, we are still able to freely go about our business. There is no shoveling of snow, no ice to slip on with feet or cars, and no worry that our pet’s feet will be injured while walking upon the frigid ground.

We take so many things in life for granted and often forget to pause and give thanks. Today, we express our gratitude for good friends and for loving families. We thank you, God, for good health and for the gift of community. We praise you, Lord, for the wonder of enough. Help us not to concern ourselves with tomorrow’s worries but to know that today’s worries are enough for today. Help us to trust in your abundance, your mercy, and your never-failing care.

Grant us wisdom, patience, and courage for the facing of this day. And help us lives reflect your glory and likeness. We pray all of these things in the name of Christ, our Lord. Amen.        

Peace and best wishes,



Pastor Jon
Pastor Jon

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