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eVotional – NOV 1 2022

Dear Friends,

Mornings at our home can feel chaotic. The dogs are ready to be walked. Children need breakfast, lunches packed, forms signed, and homework completed and in the proper place. It typically feels like an accomplishment, and sometimes a minor miracle (depending upon the level of cooperation we receive), when Kara’s car is finally packed with everything that she and the children require. As her car exits the driveway, I take a deep breath, make myself some breakfast, and get ready for the day. 

There at the breakfast table, with a smartphone at my fingertips, I confess that it is difficult for me to live in the moment. With just a few clicks, I can read the news (spoiler alert – it’s rarely soothing), learn about what any number of attention-seeking celebrities have done, or check sports scores and remind myself that it’s okay that the South Carolina Gamecocks are still not destined for glory. If my hands are occupied while washing the dishes, I can simply ask the smart speaker to feed me still more information about any topic of my choosing.

This morning, though, I tried to break free of these routines. First, I paused to note that this torrent of thoughts, ideas, and data do little to brighten my mood or improve my day. So, while eating breakfast, I looked out the window as the misty fog danced in the early morning light. And then, as if on cue, ten deer emerged from the woods across the fairway from us, nibbling on grass and, like children at the beach, chasing one another through the sand trap.   

A little bit later, when I was tempted to ask my smart speaker to play the news, I opted for classical music, instead. And, as I walked into the church this morning, I felt great. Calm. At peace. One with the world. Today, I invite you to be just a bit more intentional about living in the moment and see where the journey takes you. May God bless you.    

Peace and best wishes,


Pastor Jon
Pastor Jon

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