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eVotional – MAY 3 2023

Dear Friends,

Sometimes, it takes a simple conversation to remind us of those things for which we are thankful. Recently, I was at a home improvement center with my children purchasing additional paint for the exterior of our home. As we waited, our eyes were drawn to the full spectrum of color swatches from which one could choose. It was beautiful, really. Surveying the choices, Liam asked me, “Dad, which color best describes your personality?”

While no single color could ever fully describe the human personality, I understood what he was thinking. Some people are more inclined to see the world as glass half full (yellow), some are more melancholy, chill, or relaxed (gray or blue), and some are more passionate or angry (red). Yet, each of us, in sum, is a mixture of the full emotional spectrum.

Today, I give thanks for those simple conversations that remind us that life is about more than bills, business, and home improvement. Meaningfully, it’s about pausing to reflect on the full spectrum of color, the full spectrum of human emotion, and the full embodiment of what it means to be created in the image of God.

As you venture forth this day, may the richness of God’s creation and the good news of Jesus Christ bless and astound you with vibrant color and living presence.

Peace and best wishes,



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  1. Avatar
    Jim Higbee says:

    My color would be purple..what does that mean???? Jim

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    Phillip Williams, Williams says:

    Always holy spirt relevant

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    Bob Reinhard says:

    Can not get into your Sunday chat system.

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