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eVotional – MAY 17 2023

Dear Friends,

We’ve all been on the interstate when a sports car or sports bike (motorcycle) races past us in excess of 100 mph. In those moments, what thoughts cross your mind?

  • That’s reckless and dangerous.
  • If this continues, someone will get seriously injured or killed.
  • Where are the police to give them a ticket?

Others may offer a different perspective:

  • That looks fun.
  • I wish I had a sports car (or sports bike).
  • We should build an autobahn in the U.S.

Our responses are informed by a variety of factors.

  • Do we know someone who was seriously injured or killed in a car accident?
  • Have we received speeding tickets in the past and feel that it is only fair that the worst offenders that we observe receive the same?
  • Do we have a risk-taking personality?
  • Have we ever owned a sports car or motorcycle? If so, do we remember adrenaline rushes fondly or not wish to be associated with excessive behavior?
  • What is our experience with motorways in other countries?

While laws serve as a means of restricting human behaviors, free will means that the behavior of others can never be fully restricted, even when lives are at risk. Each day, we make a series of choices, while also responding in real time to the choices of others. This day, may we choose to act responsibly and well, in order that our neighbors be given every opportunity to flourish. And in those moments when our neighbors actions become the source of harm, remind us to pray for them, instill within us clear judgment, and help us to intervene whenever, wherever, and however it is necessary to do so. For, in doing so, we model what it means to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Yours in Christ,



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