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eVotional – MAR 15 2023

Dear Friends,

It is said that patience is a virtue. This implies that patience is a quality or way of living that does not come naturally or easily for us, as virtues must be cultivated over time through practice. It also implies that patience is actually worth cultivating, since virtues are among the highest order of human thoughts and actions. Never before has one been accused of being too virtuous, except by those who are not. To criticize the virtues of another, then, says much more about the one engaging in the fault-finding mission than the one who is living virtuously.

In my life, I have long sought to drink from the well of patience. At times, I have even fooled myself into believing that I embodied this virtue – relatively speaking, of course. In my more candid moments, though, I have learned to admit the truth. Try as I might, I am lacking in patience. In a world obsessed with immediate results, I am tempted to long for the same – in the church, with my children, and in every interaction of my life. Lord, have mercy.

In the company of my impatient brothers and sisters in the faith, let us pray: Dear God, we thank you for giving us a joyful spirit whom you call the Spirit. Your Spirit reminds us daily of the benefits of a virtuous life, molds us in the ways of righteousness, and seeks even to make us patient. Weaken our resistance to the Spirit’s movement in our lives in order that we might have sufficient patience for the journey ahead. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.

Yours in Christ,


Pastor Jon
Pastor Jon

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