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eVotional – MAR 03 2023

Why We Don’t Want to Go There: The Challenges and Blessings of Lent

Dear Friends,

Physically, emotionally, and spiritually, we are broken. This is part of our Lenten confession as the people of God. Yet, if our confession is true, why is this truth so difficult for us to both share and to receive? In faith, we know that we are called to be honest even when the truth makes us uncomfortable. Doing so builds character. But character does not come easily. Personal growth often takes root in the midst of pain. Still, broken and searching for an easier path, we turn away.

We can’t run forever, though. Our bodies grow weary from all of the exertion. Then, we feel foolish for creating all of that distance between ourselves and God. Broken and hoping for a reset, we bow our heads and turn to God in prayer. There we enter into the pain of others and confess the pain that resides in us. Broken and longing for restoration, we open our hearts and ask for forgiveness. Once again, God is all in all. There is more than enough grace.   

Yours in Christ,


Pastor Jon
Pastor Jon

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