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eVotional – JUNE 14 2023

Dear Friends,

When we lived in Bellingham, Washington, I purchased a red, 50cc scooter, with a maximum speed of 35 mph, that I joyfully rode around town. I still remember it, and the freedom I felt, fondly. I finally gave it up following repeated close calls with drivers who merged from adjacent lanes without noticing that I was there. I was twice forced to quickly swerve to avoid an accident. Those memories remain with me and have weighed heavily on my decision to avoid scooters and motorcycles ever since.

In the Christian church, we are now celebrating the season of Pentecost and the unbounded freedom of the Holy Spirit. In these moments, I am reminded that journeying with the Spirit can be incredibly exhilarating, like being one with the wind. At other times, we feel uneasy, not knowing what others in the Spirit’s path may do to knock us off course.

Riding my scooter was a tremendously fun way to get from point A to point B, but there were far safer ways to reach my destination. There is no such luck with the Spirit. By following Jesus, we naturally open ourselves up to risk. The congregation that always chooses to play it safe and do things “the way we’ve always done it,” seeks to insulate itself from discomfort and risk. The end result, however, is to squelch the movement of the Spirit. Together, let us approach our faith with minds that are open to trying new things. We do so with the knowledge that we can always choose a different path in the future. First and foremost, though, let us be guided by God, whose destination for us is always new life.




Pastor Jon
Pastor Jon

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