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eVotional – JULY 5 2023

Dear Friends,

The relative affluence associated with modern American life has often resulted in an abundance of possessions. We enjoy having things that we can call our own. Yet, there are additional “costs” for owning so much stuff. Each of these items needs to be stored, organized, cleaned, maintained, repaired, and replaced. None of this is easy, and ultimately requires our limited time, financial resources, and energy.

It has often been asked, “Do we own our possessions, or do they own us?” To engage in such self-reflection is a wise practice for all Christians. The God we have in Jesus lived simply, and he was more concerned with the relationships he maintained than with an abundance of possessions. Let his example guide us as we seek to organize our lives for the better.making friends while doing it, is exactly what we had hoped for.

Let us pray: Dear God, we have become so accustomed to our abundance that we hardly even notice it. Daily, we compare ourselves with our neighbors rather than with the example that Jesus has given to us. Help us to live more simply and free us to value relationships more than our possessions. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.     




Pastor Jon
Pastor Jon

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