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eVotional – JULY 12 2023

Dear Friends,

This week, we are excited to welcome Maaja Roos to our staff team as SCC’s new Music Director. In anticipation of her arrival, I am reminded of the gift of creativity and the beauty of the arts. In the Reformed tradition, we affirm the value of music making in our weekly worship (and in the ordinary rhythms of our lives). So, too, we affirm that music, like all other aspects of our worship, need not approach technical perfection in order to be pleasing in God’s sight. Of greatest importance is the sincerity of our purpose, which is to honor God with the faithful responses of our lives.

In worship, our creativity is heightened as we interpret God’s Word in a particular time and place. Together, we share stories. We make music. We pray. We participate in the sacraments. Throughout the worship experience, the beauty and wonder of God’s good gifts are made known to us. We are enveloped by God’s grace.

It is often said that creativity is “sparked.” So, too, is divine inspiration. I imagine that there’s a connection. If we are receptive to the creative spirit at home in the human heart, we may be one step closer to welcoming the Holy Spirit who dwells there, as well. This day, may the creative spark of God’s Spirit lead you in all faithfulness.     




Pastor Jon
Pastor Jon

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