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eVotional – JAN 11 2023

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, when I was driving my vehicle, it became necessary for me to stop suddenly. Like a flash, a buck raced across the road – seemingly oblivious to the danger posed by my minivan. Oftentimes, deer operate with a group mentality. As the leader moves, the herd tends to follow. I paused to give thanks for my good fortune (after all, I hadn’t struck the deer), and to evaluate the way forward. It was at that moment that another flash raced in front of me. Only this time, it wasn’t another deer. It was a dog sprinting in joyful pursuit.

Can you recall a time when you have been so fixated on a seemingly important matter that you failed to notice the bigger issues on the periphery? Granted, we may not be as foolish as a dog in hot pursuit of a prey animal, but we all have a tendency to be short-sighted, to prioritize the wrong things, and to miss the bigger picture. Lord, have mercy.

In search of a clearer focus, let us pray: Dear God, when our intentions are misguided, redirect us. When we find ourselves in pursuit of idols, claim us once again as your own and refocus our lives. Do not leave us to our own devices, chasing every whim of the present moment, but keep us attuned to your desires and purposes for our lives. We pray this ever and always in the name of Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Peace and best wishes,


Pastor Jon
Pastor Jon

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