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eVotional – FEB 16 2023

A Cross Beneath the Moss

Dear Friends,

Ash Wednesday, commemorated this year on February 22, marks the beginning of the Lenten journey. In preparation for this season, a primitive, wooden cross has been added to the church grounds near the breezeway connecting the sanctuary and the fellowship hall. Symbols matter, and the arrival of the cross reminds us not only of the events of Holy Week, but of the fullness of Jesus’ ministry, in which the glory of God came to dwell among us. 

We could consult with botanists, historians, and biblical scholars to gain a better understanding of the actual location where Jesus was crucified and what those surroundings may have looked like. At SCC, though, our purpose is not to recreate the entirety of that scene. Rather, we hope to demonstrate how Jesus arrives in our midst to stake a claim upon our lives wherever we are. 

Draped in moss, bearing witness to our Lord, our cross reminds us of the self-giving nature of Christ. And here, where Jesus finds us, we commit ourselves to living as his disciples.

Yours in Christ,


Pastor Jon
Pastor Jon

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