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eVotional – AUG 28 2023

Dear Friends,

Presently, Savannah is in the projected path of a hurricane/tropical storm due to make landfall mid-week. Those who live along the Gulf and Southeastern Atlantic coasts understand that it is wise to prepare. In the event of power outages, generators, extension cords, and reachable flashlights can provide temporary service, while extra provisions of gasoline, water, and food offer peace of mind. Bathtubs filled with water can be used to flush toilets. Emergency radios connect us with the latest news. Even simple precautions, such as wearing shoes during dangerous weather events, can keep us safe in the event that shattered glass or other debris enters our home.

In the course of our lives, we may engage in storm preparation dozens of times. If those efforts are never put to use in an emergency situation, we may wonder if the time and money dedicated to those efforts was wasted. Yet, in moments of clearer understanding, we recognize that it’s better to be safe than sorry and better to be prepared than seriously injured or killed.

Jesus reminds us that we do not know the day or hour when the Son of Man will return. Yet, rather than becoming complacent in the midst of this uncertainty, Jesus urges us to be prepared at all times. This week, with a storm headed our way, as we seek to get our physical houses in order, I am reminded of the need to get our spiritual houses in order as well. Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary in the midst of life’s storms. Amen.

Peace and best wishes,



Pastor Jon
Pastor Jon

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