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eVotional – AUG 24 2023

Dear Friends,

When I was growing up, my parents were always on the move, often outside, attending to one responsibility or another. Following their example (and inheriting their genes), I now embrace similar patterns of living. For me, television is limited to those times when I’m exercising at home. Thank God for streaming services. I have no patience for commercials, and I appreciate the opportunity to watch programming on demand rather than waiting for an episode to be released at a certain date and time.

I am particularly fond of nature documentaries, just like my maternal grandfather was. Like him, I can never seem to get enough of them. He was, and I am, endlessly curious about the world we inhabit and the other creatures with whom we share this planet.

Each time I watch a pride of lions, a shrewdness of chimpanzees (yes, a group of chimpanzees is called a shrewdness!), or a herd of buffalo, I am reminded that humans possess an innate desire to make meaning of our existence. We are hard-wired to ask: How did we come to be? Why are we here? What is our purpose?

Today, I encourage you to consider the vastness of the cosmos. From beach sand to star dust. From water molecules to the sun’s rays. From the breath of animals, (human or otherwise), to the breath of life that God provides in the first chapter of Genesis. May your curiosity and gratitude give you hope and guide your way.

Peace and best wishes,



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    Mary Cassady says:

    May I suggest the book “God of All Things” by Andrew Wilson “

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