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eVotional – AUG 10 2023

Dear Friends,

Matthew 14 tells the miraculous story of Jesus and the disciples who utilized the meager provisions of two fish and five loaves of bread to supply a feast for over 5,000 followers.

Today, and with thanks to Crystal Higgins, I wish to examine two pieces of art which strengthen our connection to this text.

The first image, a photograph, reminds us of the interconnected nature of our faith. One and all are invited to share in the abundance that God provides. God’s generosity is central, while we, the recipients of that grace, live in full assurance that what God provides will be enough.

The second image is a painting depicting Jesus who, having multiplied the loaves and the fish, enlists the disciples to serve the people. How does God call us to serve by sharing the gifts that we have been given?

If you were to imagine this scripture using creative media, what would you choose as the focus of your biblical canvas? How could that vision inspire others to faith?




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