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eVotional – APR 27 2023

Dear Friends,

In our search for the accurate value of an item, we often turn to comparables. What do similar houses in the same neighborhood sell for? What do cars of the same make, model, and mileage typically go for? Assessing the value of these things can assist both buyers and sellers in determining the market value of an item, in order that they either pay or receive a fair price for that item.

Many things in life, though, are intangible. How does one accurately assess, for example, the value of something like companionship, justice, or compassion? In my role as a minister, I endeavor to help others think theologically and to walk in Christ’s light by seeking the heart of God. To disciples of Christ, and to those who consider following him, I ask, “What does God value?” It’s not the “stuff,” of course, but the intangibles. And as we learn to rightly assess those values, I imagine that we are well on our way to fairly assessing the value of life itself.

Peace and best wishes,



Pastor Jon
Pastor Jon

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