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eVotional – OCT 06 2023

Dear Friends, Ministers spend a portion of each week awaiting inspiration from God. We recognize that sermons, Evotionals, and prayers are more than our meandering

eVotional – SEP 25 2023

Dear Friends, Following the most lengthy happiness study ever conducted, Harvard researchers have revealed the key to happiness. As it turns out, it’s all about

eVotional – SEP 14 2023

Dear Friends, When I am lamenting a rainstorm that has upended outdoor activities and plans, I try to consider the alternative. Without the rain, trees

eVotional – SEP 07 2023

Dear Friends, When we speak of a witness in the American context, we are typically referring to an individual who sees an event, usually a

Exploring Non-Abrahamic Faiths

Skidaway Community Church Presents: Exploring Non-Abrahamic Faiths Discovering Unity in Diversity: A Journey through Non-Abrahamic Faiths Skidaway Community Church is delighted to announce its upcoming

eVotional – AUG 28 2023

Dear Friends, Presently, Savannah is in the projected path of a hurricane/tropical storm due to make landfall mid-week. Those who live along the Gulf and