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eVotional – AUG 18 2023

Dear Friends, It’s tempting for us to believe that profound messages come in larger packages. For example, if a fifteen-minute sermon is profound, then surely

eVotional – AUG 10 2023

Dear Friends, Matthew 14 tells the miraculous story of Jesus and the disciples who utilized the meager provisions of two fish and five loaves of

eVotional – JULY 26 2023

Dear Friends, As a minister, I imagine that I experience more quiet moments than most. It is a part of my vocation, of course, to

eVotional – JULY 19 2023

Dear Friends, Most of the time, our lives follow a familiar pattern. We rise and go about the business of our daily tasks. Many of

eVotional – JULY 12 2023

Dear Friends, This week, we are excited to welcome Maaja Roos to our staff team as SCC’s new Music Director. In anticipation of her arrival,

eVotional – JULY 5 2023

Dear Friends, The relative affluence associated with modern American life has often resulted in an abundance of possessions. We enjoy having things that we can