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Cotton’s Tale

By: Jamison (Jim) Brown

Katy peered out of her rain-spattered window, her heart pounding with each explosion of thunder. She closed her eyes and prayed for the storm to pass quickly. Tonight, the Easter Bunny would come and hide chocolate eggs in the backyard for her to find.

The lightning painted jagged lines across the gray canvas, briefly turning night into day. Amid nature’s dizzying display, Katy saw a small rabbit outside the window. It was huddled and shivering, its fur matted and damp, a victim of a predator’s attack. A trickle of tears seeped from its dark eyes as it looked up at her, silently pleading for protection.

As the rabbit’s breaths grew more labored, Katy realized she had no time to waste if she was to save the poor creature. With each clap of thunder, memories of the tornado that had ripped through her home just last year came flooding back. The fear of that night clung to her, haunting her thoughts. If only she could find the courage to face her fears and defeat the demons that still lurk in the shadows.

Despite her fear of the weather, something deep within Katy stirred—a call to action that she could not ignore. She knew her grandmother would want her to fight her fears and save the helpless rabbit. She will never forget how, together, they saved a small bird that had fallen from its nest, imprinting a lasting lesson on her heart.

With determination, she donned her raincoat and boots, bracing herself for the fury of the storm. The wind howled and pushed against the door, paralyzing her with fear. She could feel the chilly dampness of the outside air, but she also felt a sense of liberation and strength growing within her.

With each step into the storm, Katy felt a newfound sense of empowerment, knowing that she was finally confronting her fears head-on. She felt the sting of the rain on her face, but she marched forward with a resolve she never knew she had.

The rabbit sat motionless, as if waiting for Katy to get there. Scooping the fragile creature into her arms, she felt a rush of compassion and tenderness wash over her. She became surprisingly unaware of the threatening storm that had once imprisoned her.

Once inside, Katy gently dried the rabbit and wrapped it in a soft, warm blanket. It was subtle, but in the dim light of her room, it seemed as though the rabbit’s fur briefly sparkled with all the colors of the rainbow. She dismissed the thought, yet somewhere deep inside, she felt a hint of wonder.

“That’s quite a powder puff tail you have,” Katy said, pointing to the backside of the rabbit. “I think we’ll call you Cotton.”

In the hours that followed, Katy fed the rabbit with a dropper, tended to its wounds, and whispered words of comfort and love. The rabbit’s strength slowly returned, its eyes brightening with a spark that seemed to reflect gratitude. She tucked Cotton in bed beside her, and they both settled in, safe from the unknowns of the outside world.

As Easter Sunday dawned anew, the storm had passed, leaving behind a world washed clean and vibrant with the promise of renewal. Wiping the sleep from her eyes, Katy quickly realized that Cotton was gone, leaving only a brightly colored egg on the windowsill—the spot where her miracle began.

With a mixture of sadness and curiosity, Katy reached for the egg. As she turned it over, she discovered that it could be opened. Inside, nestled within the soft lining, lay a small locket, glinting in the morning light. Her breath caught in her throat as she recognized the locket immediately—it was the one her beloved grandmother had given her, the one lost to the tornado that had taken so much from her family. Tears welled in her eyes as she gently opened the locket to reveal the picture of her grandmother smiling back at her.

It suddenly became clear that Cotton was no ordinary rabbit but an Easter Bunny—a magical creature, a symbol of hope, renewal, and transformation.

On this special Easter, Katy learned it wasn’t just the egg or the cherished locket that was important, but the lesson they embodied. In giving love and care to a creature in need, she had received so much more—a reminder that kindness is the most powerful magic of all, capable of transforming not just the lives of others but our own as well.

Inspired by Gracie, the Easter Bunny who lives at Skidaway Community Preschool.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

2 Timothy 1:7 (NIV)

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  1. Avatar
    Dick Higgins says:

    Another great riviting story. Thank you Jim!!

    • Jim
      Jim says:

      Many thanks, Dick.

  2. Avatar
    Ann Wayland says:

    I loved this & especially loved the one about Uriah.

    • Jim
      Jim says:

      Thank you, Ann.

      It’s true, Uriah is a tough act to follow. I’m gratefulyou enjoyed this one.

  3. Avatar
    Chris Aiken Sickels says:

    Thanks Jim for another beautiful story with a great message

    • Jim
      Jim says:

      Thanks, Chris.
      I appreciate the kind words.

  4. Avatar
    Joan Ross says:

    sweet, happy story Thank you.

  5. Jim
    Jim says:

    I appreciate you reading this little story, Joan. I hope it brightened your day. Happy Easter!

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